Yesterday Dr. Swarnamalya Ganesh and group performed a musical-dance-drama of Mahendra Pallava’s satirical plays ‘Mattavilasa Prahasana’ and ‘Bhagavadajjugam’

Here’s a soft copy (Tamil) of the plays: mattavilasam and bhagavadajjuka_angatham

Enjoy reading !

Meanwhile, here’s a note of appreciation for Dr.Swarnamalya’s performance from Michael Lockwood

To all the people connected with the Tamil Heritage Trust, I would like to express my thorough enjoyment in watching today on the internet your analytic discussion and enactment of the play,Mattavilâsa-Prahasanam by King Mahêndravarman. Congratulations to all the performers (musicians, and actors)!

And now that the performance is recorded on YouTube, I will have the chance of savoring it again and again.

Thank you,
Michael Lockwood